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[Solved]: How to read edge labels like "01, 1" on a state diagram?

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enter image description here

Is this state machine a moore machine or a mealy machine? I am confused because the states have outputs and the transitions have output based on the input. I tried making a state table but I think its wrong. Can anyone provide the state machine?

Asked By : user14864

Answered By : Raphael

Since the states define the output, it's a Moore machine.

The edge labels can be understood as follows: an edge $A \xrightarrow{w_1, \dots, w_k} B$ with $w \in \Sigma^*$ means that you can transition from $A$ to $B$ reading any of the words $w_1, \dots, w_k$.

Essentially, it's just a way to compact automata. As an exercise, you can expand the edges and see what you get. It's clear that this compactification is valid for finite automata, even if you add output (if you allow state output $\varepsilon$).

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