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Question Regarding ECLOSURE in ε-NFAs

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Problem Detail: 

I have a small question regarding the ECLOSURE of a certain state in an ε-NFA.

If we have a transition that has both a and ε transitions, is the ECLOSURE affected?

Also is there any rule that in ECLOSURE we should include the states that are accessible only from transitions containing ε?

Asked By : v k

Answered By : Rick Decker

The $\epsilon$-closure of a state $p$ is the set of all states, including $p$ itself, that are reachable by only by a chain of consecutive $\epsilon$-moves. Transitions on other inputs are not considered when computing $\epsilon$-closure$(p)$. They come in to play in the next step, when you compute the transition function for the equivalent NFA without $\epsilon$-moves.

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