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Is there a mistake in the expression for clean behavior in Pnueli's article from 81'?

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Problem Detail: 

I am reading an article called The temporal semantics of concurrent programs .

On page $9$, there is a small section (numbered as $2$) called "clean behavior".

I think that there is a problem with this part, what does Pnueli meant by "Let $\lambda_i$ be the leagality condition for the statement departing from $m^i$" ?

I have marked the word "the" in bold since, as I see it, there can be more than one edge departing from $m^i$, an example can be seen on page $11$, at the beginning of part $5$.

Did I missunderstood something , or is there actually a mistake in the article by not addressing the fact that there can be more than one statement that can be exectuded after $m^i$, and that this expression for clean behavior need to be corrected accordingly ?

Asked By : Belgi

Answered By : Shaull

It would seem that in (1) (still page 9) he refers to a sequential program, so there is no concurrency. I think this assumption holds for the rest of the articles. So the "the" is ok there.

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