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Deterministic processing on probabilistic input

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Problem Detail: 

I've designed an algorithm, is which responsible to process some samples from normal distribution under aegis of some deterministic steps. In other words, the algorithm generate unique response to a unique set of the random set of input.

Now I am prone to plan a title for the corresponding paper and there is a noticeable ambiguity regarding the manner by which the algorithm could be addressed...

It is neither non-deterministic nor randomized and probabilistic. What is this algorithm type? Should I name that as typical deterministic?!...

Edit: This algorithm is supposed to be fed by a number of agent coordinates (are which random normal-driven integer numbers). It should colonize the agents into groups in a specialized manner. Thus, the input is probabilistic but both the algorithm process and the output are considerably deterministic.

The current idea regarding the title is:

Optimal Communication of Agents by the Probabilistic Colonization of the Robot Swarm

But that Probabilistic word does not sound so deserving...

Asked By : Roboticist

Answered By : collapsar

How about ...

Optimal Communication of Agents under Randomized Spatial Distribution 
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