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[Solved]: How to satisfy bounded waiting in case of deadlock?

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Problem Detail: 

I have a doubt regarding bounded waiting.

Deadlock implies no Progress because the processes take indefinite time to decide who will enter the critical section .

But, Does deadlock implies no bounded waiting ?

I think No because bounded waiting is per process and deadlock is for the system.

Moreover, In a deadlock, bounded waiting conditon is not violated and bounded waiting is not with respect to time, but with respect to the number of times the processes enter the critical section before intended process enters the critical system .

Would anyone at least care to correct me or suggest what is right and not right?

Asked By : Garrick

Answered By : Ariel

You are correct.

Consider the simple synchronization algorithm which denies entry to all processes.

In this case we have both deadlock and bounded waiting, since any process $p$ is not bypassed by some process $p'$ before entering the critical section, so you could say bounded waiting is satisfied with the constant function $f=0$.

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