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[Solved]: Cycle of length k with no repeated edges

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Problem Detail: 

I need to figure out what is the minimum complexity class (L, NL, P, NPC etc..) of the following problem: Given an undirected graph G, is there exist a cycle (doesn't have to be a simple cycle) with no repeating edges, of a size at least k? (i.e. the number of edges in the cycle is at least k)

I thought that this problem can be reduced somehow to the euler cycle problem, but have no idea how to do this.


Asked By : user2443613

Answered By : R B

This problem is NP-Complete.

The $\in NP$ part is simple - guess a trail and check it.

The hardness part comes from the fact Hamiltonicity on a cubic graph is hard, as proved in Garey and Johnson book.

(In a cubic graph, every vertex-simple path walk is edge-simple, as it can not visit a vertex more than once, except maybe the start and end vertex).

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