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[Solved]: implementation of queue using stack with REVERSE

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Problem Detail: 

Suppose a stack implementation supports an instruction REVERSE, which reverses the order of elements on the stack, in addition to the PUSH and POP instructions.

I'm looking for implementation of queue where ENQUEUE takes a sequence of three instructions and DEQUEUE takes a single instruction , or any better algorithm .

Asked By : Mithlesh Upadhyay

Answered By : Lieuwe Vinkhuijzen

Your queue should append items to the rear of the stack, and get them off the top, so here's a pseudocode implementation of your two functions:


$\quad$__return__ Pop;

Verify for yourself whether and why these functions produce the desired behaviour: why does the $\texttt{Enqueue}$ function reverse the stack, but not $\texttt{Dequeue}$?

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