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[Solved]: computer science in the movies as an educational angle

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recently there have been a few questions on teaching CS in both & and there are many high-rated related questions on the two sites on the topic. thinking over the latest one made me realize that a lot of students get exposed to some aspects of STEM through the media (sometimes inaccurately), and one of the most powerful media outlets is movies.

it seems that maybe instead of rolling ones eyes or recoiling from their unrealism, these have some potential and can be used as a teaching tool (aka "teachable moment") by taking them as a student experience to build on, as case studies for students to learn about certain concepts and how the concepts actually work vs the screenwritten, "hollywood" version, ie address (possible widespread?) misconceptions about the field and its essential aspects.

what are key or compelling movies introducing CS-type concepts and what is accurate/inaccurate about the portrayal? [or is it roughly correct?]

Asked By : vzn

Answered By : danmcardle

I haven't seen it yet, but Travelling Salesman could be pretty interesting.

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